Standard Rewinding Machine ( REWIND D500 ) :

The Machine is suitable for Inkject printing / batch coding on printed & laminated pouches Suitable for Foils, Paper, Stock Labels, Oil & Milk Pouch & Other flexible materials Also suitable to (salvage rewinding) perfect & correct rewind rolls for badly & incorrect wound rolls

 Technical Features
Web Width
Up to 500mm
Unwind Dia
400mm - max / 25 to 50 Kg
Rewind Dia
400mm - max / 25 to 50 Kg
Line Speed
Up to 100mpm
Core ID
76mm / 150mm
Doctoring Rewinding Machine Videos
 We Manufacture Doctoring Rewinding Machine. / We supply Doctoring rewinding Machine.
Special Features
 Cantilever design for easy feeding & removing rolls
 Mechanical brake assembly on unwind
 Specially designed for mounting arrnagement of Inkjet Printer Head & Shaft Encoder & Sensor
 Edge guide controlling system by Web Aligner Unit
 2 HP Variable speed DC Drive control panel with line speed feedback
 Inspection table of S.S. Plate
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